Board of Directors:

  • Lorna Mix, President
  • Dave Roerick
  • Sandy Sampson, Secretary
  • Julie Werner, Treasurer
  • Pat Medure
  • Tom Fasteland, Vice President
  • Mac McKinney
  • Megan Hilback
  • Hugh Quinn

Administrative & Management Staff:

  • Ron Oleheiser, Executive Director
  • Jessyca Bardzel, Program Director

Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator:

  • Vacant

Site Supervisors:

  • Joan Jewett
  • Krystal Babb
  • Leana Pereira

G ive Hospitality
R est & Renewal
A ccess to Resources
C ompassion
E mpowerment for the Future

“The homeless population in Itasca County has increased by 22% in the past three years.”