Grace House Funding Resources & Accountability

Grace House receives substantial support from individuals, service clubs, fraternal order organizations and area churches throughout Itasca County. Response to capital campaign appeals remains high, adding $20,000 to $40,000 per year to the shelter’s annual operating budget.

Grace House regularly receives in-kind donations of food, office supplies, hygiene products, linens/bedding/pillows, and furniture, which help reduce client service expenditures. In-kind donations amount to more than $18,000 per year.

Grants from private foundations and government entities constitute 65 percent of Grace House’s overall operational funding. Grace House is the recipient of grants provided by: Minnesota Department of Human Services – Office of Economic Opportunity,  Blandin Foundation, United Way of 1,000 Lakes, Lake Country Power Operation Round-Up, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Itasca County Health & Human Service’s IMCare, US Bancorp Foundation, and Minnesota Power Foundation.  New grant sources are being researched regularly.

In January 2013, Grace House received funding from two new sources, including a $10,000 donation from Itasca County Health & Human Services. This represents the first direct contribution Itasca County has made to Grace House since its inception in 2006. Along with three other local organizations that serve homeless populations, Grace House also received federal Emergency Food & Shelter Program funding.

Special events, such as the “Home Is Where the Heart Is” annual dinner dance, and the new “There’s No Place Like Home” soup line fundraiser, add $10,000 to $15,000 to Grace House’s unrestricted revenue stream each year. These events also raise much needed public awareness regarding the extent of homelessness in Itasca County. Additional fundraising events under consideration by Grace House’s Fundraising/Development Committee include a homelessness prevention radio-thon, and coin drive competitions among local schools.

The staff and leadership of Grace House are committed to ensuring that donor gifts are put to work as intended and that there are measurable results on donors’ gifts at work.   We strive every day to decrease homelessness in Itasca County, improve access to services and resources for guests served by Grace House, create a self-sustaining organization, maintain a permanent home for our shelter, and maintain a committed staff and volunteer base that is supported by the board.

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“The homeless population in Itasca County has increased by 22% in the past three years.”